Odette Gomes



A complete luxury aesthetics, creates an environment  of beauty, sophistication and elegance when it comes to Odette Gomes designs. I love how the elements of her designs align together. That to me speaks more volume than anything else.

Her breathtaking designs resonate so much with me, that’s why I contacted her to do a collaboration which I was ecstatic when she accepted. Her designs are highlighted by detailed and rich embroidery, which makes her distinctive from the other designers.

Each outfit is quoted based upon how much time she spent on making it, the hours put in it and the material she used for that specific garment, the prices are on request. All the outfits are dry cleanable, which makes it easier for the buyer to not have to worry about how to clean them.

-The red evening dress is made of lace on the top part, covered in delicate Swarovski beads and the bottom part soft silk satin.

-The embelished black jumpsuit is finished off with mesh border on top, and its encrusted with crystals for finer details.
-The black evening gown is made of lace, also encrusted with Swarovski crystals, as well as the belt and hot pants underneath and a tulle overlay.

-The red jumpsuit is made of a soft, stretchy material, which is also very flowy giving your legs a lot of movement.

You can find Odette on @odettegomesza on Instagram and on www.odettegomes.com to have a look at her stunning work.

The pictures were taken by the talented Pierre Van Rooyen. You can have a look at his work on http://www.photoworxrsa.com

What do you think of this garments? Would you wear them? Please comment on the section below, I would like to hear your thoughts.

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Sommer Swim Collaboration

A brand that epitomizes sophistication, elegance , sexiness and boldness comes to mind when I think about Sommer Swim. As a lover of swim wear, I am blown away by the brand’s preeminent quality. I was overjoyed when the owner, Anna-Maria agreed to do a collaboration as I saw myself in her brand.

Sommer Swim has flattering cuts and impeccable detail, that give prominence to the body. Every girl in her swimwear is sure to turn heads and feel like a million dollars. I like how the designs are suitable for any body type. I got the previlage of wearing the GISELE top, the cups can be adjusted to your desired coverage, and also has a very soft nylon material that feels amazing on the skin.

I also tried out the IMAN Bottoms, that have a Brazilian cut, meaning minimum coverage which is what I love about them. I also like how Versatile the strings are, which allows you to wear it low waist or high waist. The material is also very soft to the body. I am obsessed with this brand.
You can find them on Instagram @sommer.swim or visit their website http://www.smmerswim.com . Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @mapolo.style and Facebook Mapolo.style.
I would like to hear your thoughts below.

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The best mask to remove blackheads

The best mask to remove blackheads


Finally after trying out hundreds of facial masks to remove blackheads without succeeding, Pilaten created a mask that really does work called Blackhead Pore Strip. Man am I excited to have tried this mask out!! I have been seeing people from overseas using this mask and saying it works, but I wanted to prove for myself.
Not only is it easy to apply and dry, the mask is very effective and dries quick, I applied it before brushing my teeth and by the time I was done it was dry. As a busy person, my skincare regime needs to be quick, I don’t have time to waste haha.
I find it so cool that after it sets, it turns into a rubbery thing, that is really cool to peel off. Beware though, if you have a bit or a lot of facial hair, you will get a facial wax also haha.
.Heat/steam face to open pores. I used a hot towel which I microwaved
.After steaming, pat the skin dry, DO NOT RUB dry, it can cause the pores to close again.
.Apply a medium layer to face, leaving a fairly heavy edge to allow easier peeling.
.Allow to dry for 15-20 minutes.
.Once it has dried, peel it off to take out the blackheads.
You can find it on http://rubybox.co.za/beauty-reviews/pilaten-face-mask
Have you tried this mask? Did it work for you? I would like you to share your thoughts with me on the comment section below.
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Beaucience Natural Skincare

Formulated to tackle the signs of skin aging using natural ingredients, Beaucience skincare range is a must try range if you want to have a healthy looking skin, without having to spend a fortune. Beaucience is a proudly South African range that uses organic ingredients, so you are guaranteed that you are not using any chemicals on your skin.

I got the privilege of receiving three of their products, which I will mention below. I have a severely dry skin and it’s difficult for me to stick to one brand, as I never get good results. Let me just say, it’s been three weeks now using this range, and I’m blown away by how good my skin is reacting to them.

.Hydrating Cleansing Gel
This gel contains green tea ( anti-aging effect), witch hazel extract (good for blemishes) and Proteasyl PW in them, I like the consistency of it and the user friendly pump action bottle.

.Hydrating Toning Lotion
It contains aloe vera (anti-inflammatory), organic certified extract and essential oils as some key ingredients. It is very refreshing on the skin and smells really good. I also realized that it removes dirt on the skin effectively.

.Moisture Plus Cream
I love the fact that it has no artificial colourants and contains only natural ingredients it also has no parabens in the product, which we know causes cancer. I use this moisturizer twice a day to get better results.

The key ingredient in all their products is PROTEASYL. This ingredient works naturally with the skin, increasing cell metabolism, producing a younger looking skin.
I’m giving this products a thumps up, as it is cost effective, environmentally friendly and also giving my skin the hydration it needs.

You can check out their Instagram page on @beaucience if you want to know more about their range, or want to find out how to purchase their products.

Have you heard of this range before? Or perhaps you are using their products? Please share your views on the comment section below. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @mapolo.style and Facebook Mapolo.style.

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How I Styled My Mum’s Pleated Skirt

I strongly believe that being a fashion stylist, means you can wear anything and transform it into a million dollar outfit 🙂 With that being said, I raided my mother’s wardrobe a few weeks ago when I went to go pay her a visit, and came across some of her beautiful pieces which unfortunately for her, I took as she has impeccable taste.

I normally stick to basic colors like white and black, they are easy to wear and style, but my mother’s red pleated skirt captured my eye. You can style this skirt however way you want, for me I paired it up with stilettos and an elegant bodysuit, for some they could pair it with sneakers or sandals with a shirt or cropped top, to have a more chilled and relaxed look.

The skirt is made of 100% Polyester material, which makes it easy to wash, and it dries very quick. It is also not see through so no lining needed underneath. The material is very soft on the skin. I love how the pleats bounce around when I walk. Another great quality the dress possesses is that it does not get wrinkled, which is great for me as I’m not a fan of ironing (hides).


. DO NOT wash it in the washing machine, instead hand wash it.
. DO NOT wring it.
. Air dry it in a shaded place, too much sun will temper with the color.
. DO NOT fold it after washing, rather hang it.


Skirt: Woolworths
Bodysuit: Zara
Bag: Forever New
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

How would you style this skirt? Do you like the way I styled it? I would like to hear your thoughts on the comments below.

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Tmakcc Photoshoot For Exclusive Lifestyle Magazine


A brand that epitomizes culture, tradition and creativity comes to mind when I think of Thabo Makhetha Designs, not forgetting that her designs are inspired by the Lesotho traditional blanket called (Seana-Marena).

I was more than ecstatic when she called me to do a collaboration with her, where we would have a photoshoot with 3 of her gorgeous designs, for an international lifestyle magazine called Exclusive.
Now you can imagine my excitement as this would be great exposure for my young modeling and blogging career.

The shoot was on three different locations which made it even more fun and interesting for me. The themes were contrast, street style and nature. The first shoot was on Signal Hill, with a stunning 360 view of Cape Town, the second was in the streets on the segregation banches and the last at BoKaap, symbolizing ethnic inspiration.

I love how colorful her designs are, you immediately feel happy by just looking at them. That for me, illustrates a good brand. According to me, clothes should make you feel good in the inside, as well as the outside. One of the reasons I love her brand so much, is that we are from the same country, and we believe in empowering each other.


DESIGNER: @tmcollective_sa
PHOTOGRAPHER: @sibulelophotograpy
MAKEUP ARTIST: @nellynov85
MODELS: Mapolo & Charicke

What do you think of this designs? Would you wear them? Please share your thoughts on the comment section below. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram: @mapolo.style Facebook: Mapolo.style.

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I have come to the realization that money problems and money success, are based on your behavior towards it, with that being said, I have been with Capitec bank for the past 8 years, and my loyalty with them will last for a very long time, their charges are extremely low and I always earn interest on my money on a monthly basis. I have a card that has 2 linked accounts on it, this allows me to save money easily through my app, without going to the bank. (Convenience at its best)

There are 3 online stores that I always buy from

Catwalk Connections, they have the most fashionable and stylish good quality clothes.

Cotton on I absolutely love their gym wear, it’s trendy and It fits perfect on my body.

Plumeria swimwear I love how sexy and different their bikinis are.

(All this online stores have one thing in common..affordability.)
As a fashion lover I’m constantly shopping, BUT in a smart way, now you will wonder how I do that…. I only buy online, through sales and off season. In general, buying off season usually gets you better deals than buying what’s hot and trendy right now, price wise.
One of my best strategies is keeping my closet with clothes that match, and when I find a piece of clothing I like and looks good on me, I buy multiples of it but in different colors.

So remember, always shop smart, no need to bankrupt yourself:) I would like to hear your thoughts below, are you a smart shopper?

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Exuberant elegance and class, best describes the Saint 2 piece from Mapolo.Style’s new upcoming collection. The 2 piece exudes quality and luxury for a woman who possess power and great style.

The top has a daring open back that flaunts and flatters, with two adjustable and overlapping straps on the upper back,leaving the rest of the back exposed and accentuated.

The gorgeous high waist pants, flatter the lower body, hugging the curves in all the right places. The pants give the illusion that one has long legs.

I love how versatile the outfit is, the top can be won on its own with a different bottom eg, jeans, shorts and dress. The pants can also be won with a different top or bralette if you are adventurous:)


Pants: Mapolo.style
Top: Mapolo.style
Bag: Aldo
Shoes: Christain Louboutin
Shades: Sunglasshut

I would like to hear your thoughts about this outfit on the comments below.

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GIVEAWAY: Clarins Make up

Although holidays are long gone, we thought it would be great to find ways to put a smile on your face, and thank you for the support you have given MAPOLO.STYLE the past 5 months. I have partnered up with Clarins South Africa to give away make up, to the value of R2035 each, to not only one but TWO lucky readers and followers.


  • Perfect Eyes and Brows Palette R495.
  • Double Fix Mascara R275.
  • Ombre Matte Eyeshadow In Cobalt Blue R320.
  • Fix Make-up Spray R355.
  • Instant Lip Oil In Honey R295.
  • Instant Lip Oil In Honey R295.


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Competition open to only South African citizens.
The two winners will be announced on the 31st March 2017.


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Nette Rose Lingerie


Hand made with the prettiest, soft and delicate lace, Annie bralette and Lottie panties exude the true definition of luxury in a brand. Nette Rose lingerie is designed for every woman who loves and is confident in her own skin and body. The designs accentuates the body making you feel very sexy and beautiful.


Annie bralette is made to be seen and cut to reveal. It has a long line and strappy cutout that gives the design a unique touch to it. I love how versatile it is, you can wear it underneath your clothing or you can wear it on its own with a pair of jeans or pants.


The Lottie panty has a daring cut and an unbelievably comfortable shape. The lace band creates an x-out effect on the hips, giving you an almost perfect hourglass shape. You can also dress it up however you prefer.


Nette Rose is a perfect example of luxury, comfortability and sophistication. Ladies now you know what to wear for your man on Valentine’s Day.

You can find them on www.netterose.com or on Instagram @nette_rose

I would like to hear your thoughts below. Let’s talk lingerie ladies..

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