How to rock red high waisted pants

I don’t know about you, but color has a huge impact on my emotions and physical well being. Lately I find myself going for the more brighter pieces, maybe because it’s summer, and Christmas is around the corner my mood is more vibrant than ever lol.

Today I felt like showing off my personality and mood by wearing my favorite pair of red pants, pairing them up with a desirable silk floral kimono, and a pale pink body suit. It’s safe to say, I was feeling very confident and rather powerful to say the least.

This pants are perfect for summer, as they are made of a thin and breathable cotton material. The fact that they are high waisted, gives the illusion that one has long legs. They are tight fitting on the bum area and loose fitting from the thighs downwards, a timeless yet classic look. I like how versatile they are, as I can wear them with high heels, sandals or even sneakers.

The kimono gave a very elegant and sophisticated touch to the outfit, which was the look I was going for. The floral prints brought more energy and vibrancy to the look.

Outfit details
Red pants: Zara
Bodysuit: Zara
Kimono: Zaful

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Happypheet Collaboration

The number one reason I buy shoes is comfortability. As a lover of shoes, high heeled to be precise,I sometimes struggle with them being too uncomfortable or hurting the heels of my feet, this lead to a lot of discomfort and unease. I mean let’s face it, nothing is more agonizing than unhappy feet. I believe shoes compliment any outfit, make sure your feet are happy in them.

As a beauty therapist and model, I spend most of my days on my feet, both in flat shoes and high heels, this causes my feet to burn a lot and I get blisters on my heels, as I sometimes have to wear a size smaller than my normal one.

I did a collaboration with HappyPheet, and man are my feet happy, ‘pun intended’ hahaha. For the first time I found a brand that leaves up to their motto. I received 3 packages, each to target specific areas of your feet.

Ball Of Foot Cushion
This gel cushion is placed at the ball of your feet, it gives a soothing and relaxing feeling to give maximum comfort . It also relieves pressure on the arch of your feet. If you are on your feet all day like me, this cushions are a must have.
Retail price: R50
Washable and Reusable
Ideal for all shoes (male and female)

Heel Shields
Instead of using those plasters that we normally use when the shoes hurt/ burn, HappyPheet invented a more comfortable and easing gel cushion to protect your heels from the friction we get from shoes. Good thing is that, it’s so discrete that no one can even notice it, it’s also non slip so it won’t move around while you walk.
Retail price: R50
Washable and Reusable
Ideal for all shoes (male and female)

Sore Spots
I have corns and the discomfort is unreal, with all my closed shoes and stilletos. I normally put the sore spot on the ‘roof’ of my shoe above the corn. Man has my life been better ever since lol. You can also put it on the sides of your feet where there is discomfort. They stick to your feet, preventing them from moving around when you walk.
Retail: R50
Washable and Reusable
Ideal for all shoes (male and female)

You can find their products online and follow them on Instagram: @happypheet.

Please share your thoughts below. Do you think this insole can help your feet? Have you used them before?

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The Secret Behind Today’s Outfit

Just because your account Statement has more charges from the less expensive stores than designer labels, doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to suffer. For some women the concept of dressing well without spending much money seems impossible. You can still achieve an expensive look you find on magazines or on tv without emptying your wallet.

Today I’m sharing with you the secret behind my outfit..people were telling me how it looks beautiful and expensive, that I must have spent a fortune on it. Thank you for the compliments, but the SECRET is that I spent less than R1000 ($100) on this look, I’m sure you are like, ‘no ways, that’s not possible’ but trust me it is.

I like buying online as it gives me the chance to go over what I want carefully and also find bargains, I’m not a fan of shopping in stores because I either get intimidated or overwhelmed by everyone buying. I love shopping in peace with no distractions. I prefer shopping while in bed haha.

Anyway, I’m going to share with you, how I always choose the best looking clothes for barely nothing,(price wise).. and still look like I spent a fortune on them. I only have one secret..

I don’t follow trends, I normally wait 3-6 months after what I like is released, as by that time the price will be reduced tremendously. So instead of buying a dress for R1000, I wait until it is reduced to R200 or even less. Funny enough I always find my size waiting for me,( Law of attraction lol) if not, I buy a bigger size and get it tailored.

Outfit Details
-Kimono| ClosetSa| R300
-Denim shorts| Mr Price| R70
-Shoes| Zara| R400
-Costume| Zaful |R170

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How to Stay Motivated to Go to Gym

I have been getting a lot of questions about how I get motivated to work out. Well the answer is simple really, I got tired of envying people’s bodies, yet I knew I had the same capabilities of having an even better body than theirs, don’t get me wrong, I have a few Instagram idols that motivate me.

I will share with you below a few tricks that motivate me to wake up every morning before I start working, and walk to them gym. I am lucky that gym is just few minutes walk from my place. I prefer walking because it’s the only time I get to think in peace, and plan my day. It’s also a mini work out on its own. Ok here goes..

Mental Check- Have a mental picture or a picture on your phone of what you want your body to look like. You have to be precise so you know what type of exercises to do to achieve the body you desire. Take before and after pictures, I have pictures of what I used to look like before I started gym, and what I look like now, trust me the changes are immense and this motivates me to push harder each day. If you have an idol that has a body type like yours, perfect, visualize you having their body.

Motivation- You have to be patient yet persistent and consistent, remember Rome was not build in one day  nothing motivates me like sore muscles the following day, being unable to get out of bed, this encourages me more as I know my work out was effective, and also the more you see changes on your body, the more you are motivated to keep at it.

Encouragement- Go to a gym that offers a lot of activities, choose activities that you love, for me I do zumba, shape, weight training and yoga. I get excited every morning because I do different work outs, I hate routine as it is boring, this makes gym seem like a chore, instead of a fun adventure. I get to socialize with like minded people, with the same goals as mine which makes it even better.

Gym buddy- having a gym buddy is a great motivator, because he/she makes you feel obliged to attend, and can push you to go to gym even on days that you don’t feel like going. Make sure you get a gym buddy that is reliable and as dedicated as you. I have a gym buddy that loves weight training, which I don’t like but have to do as I’m trying to build muscle, she really pushes me on days that I decide to hit the machines.

Diet- I have a sweet tooth and it’s my down fall, I try an eat clean and healthy 6 times a week and drink plenty of water daily, so I can have a cheat day where I can sneak in a bar or two of chocolate or a slice of cake or that glass of wine that I love very much haha. My sweet tooth pushes me to work out very hard, so I can award myself at the end of the week. ( every ones preferences are different)

Outfit Details

-Bra (Cottonon)

-Leggings (MOVEPRETTY)

I hope this helped you, remember it’s a journey, small progress is better than no progress at all. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Do you go to gym? Please share your motivation tips on the comment section below. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook

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I have found some amazing Clarins products, that I have been using since last month, and I must say I’m LOVING them, it’s safe to say June was a lucky month! Just so we are clear, this is not an AD or a sponsored post. I am not getting paid to review this products. My opinions are purely based on me loving the products.

My skin and body have been under a lot of stress lately, none stop blackheads and me popping them because I find it therapeutic, (haha weird I know) but this causes a lot of black spots which I have been struggling to find the right product for. My skin on the other hand gets extremely dry in winter, and I’ve been trying lots of expensive products with no luck. I finally decided to try this products and I must say I’m seeing great results.

Ok first up- BRIGHT PLUS Brightening Day Lotion SPF 20 a brightening day lotion with key ingredients like Sea Lily Extract and Alchemilla extracts to help correct dark spots and an un even skin tone. This lotion is very light weight, so it won’t feel heavy on your skin. I like the fact that it contains SPF in it, we all know we need protection from the harmful sun rays.
Price: R775 (75ml)

BRIGHT PLUS Tri- Intense Brightening Serum helps reduce the appearance of dark spots for an even complexion. It also brightens the appearance of your complexion, it has acerola extract that helps in giving the skin a healthy glow. I use the serum twice a day, before applying my day and night cream, you only have to use a little bit, so it lasts you long.
Price: R710 (30ml)

BRIGHT PLUS Night Cream minimizes dark spots and skin discoloration for a radiant even complexion. It has vitamin c that helps contour the effect of daytime stress. It is nourishing and also hydrating. It’s a light cream that makes it easier to apply and does not leave your skin feeling greasy.
Price: R700 (50ml)

Multi- Active Eye if you have hectic and stressful days, and sleep late like me, you MUST own this eye gel. It keeps the eyes looking younger and fresher by minimizing fine lines, and signs of fatigue. It reduces dark circles and puffiness. It has a cold cryogenic-metallic application tip, that assist in drainage so the eyes appear luminous and more youthful. I go everywhere with this eye gel as the results are instant and effective.Price: R495

Brightening Body Veil SPF 20 I absolutely LOVE this cream, it’s thick in texture, yet as soon as you apply it, it moulds into your skin. It has shimmer of a in it, which gives your skin a healthy glow and also smells divine. The skin feels smoother, softer and radiant after using it. The SPF in it helps protect your skin from the harmful sun.
Price: R460 (200ml)

Are you a Clarins fan? If so what are your favorite products? Please comment on the section below. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook

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An athleisure brand that symbolizes luxury, comfort, versatility and sheer beauty. Move Pretty is a Stellenbosch based brand that creates sports wear that makes you want to go and work out.

I had the privilege of doing a shoot with them a few weeks ago and I fell Inlove with their brand even more.I love how modern their clothing is, their sports wear can be worn for sports activities and also as a daily outfit, their clothing is not restricting you to wear it for one purpose, which I find really cool.

The quality of their leggings moulds into your body, giving the illusion that you have a toned body, even when you do not. You can wear their leggings when you run errands, going to the gym, hiking, jogging or joining a friend for coffee or lunch.

Lately I’m obsessed with brands that are innovative, that come up with designs that allow you to wear multiple ways, as this saves a lot of money for the consumer.

Their sweaters and tops can be dressed up with anything, leggings, jeans, pants and shorts, also they are not restricting you to wear them for sports or gym purposes only. They are extremely comfortable and the quality is really good, so you are sure to wear them for many more years to come.

How to care for their clothing
• Cold wash machine.
• Do not wring.
• Do not iron.
• Do not use fabric softer.
• You can steam them/ flat dry.

What are your favorite sports wear brand? Please share your comments below. You can follow them on Instagram @movepretty, Facebook @movepretty.

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Brinea 3D Fiber Lashes Review


EYELASH EXTENSIONS IN A BOTTLE’ is the slogan of the 3D Fiber Lashes. I was one of the lucky bloggers chosen to review this product. I have little to no natural Lashes and I’m constantly trying out mascaras with no luck, I’m also not a fan of fake lashes, reason being I don’t know how to put them on, and that anything foreign on my Lashes irritates my eyes.

BEFORE PICTURE ( without 3D Lash mascara)

3D Fiber Lash is formulated to give volume and enhance length to your natural Lashes, this is why it’s a good product for people who do not have long or thick Lashes. It is very easy to apply, as it’s the same application as a mascara. You can choose whether you want a natural look or a dramatic look, depending on how many applications you put.

AFTER PICTURE (with 3D Lash mascara)

It is safe enough to use daily, and one of the key ingredients are 100% natural bee wax and green tea Fiber. The application is only 5 mins and it lasts up to 16 hours, waterproof and smudge-fee. It sounds too good to be true right? I was shocked at the results, I never thought my Lashes could be so full and long.
There are two bottles in the box, the transplanting gel and the 3D fibers, I love how sleek and fancy the bottles look.

• Ensure your eyelashes are clean, dry from any mascara.
• Work with one eye at a time to get best results.
• First application, should be of the transplanting gel. Apply the gel from mid to tips of your Lashes.
VERY important to apply fibers while the gel is still wet to avoid clumps, apply fibers from mid to tips of your Lashes.
• Seal the fibers with another application of the transplanting gel.
• Wait a couple of minutes for the gel to dry.
If you desire a more dramatic look like me, you apply another layer and repeat steps 2-6. Removal is very easy, wash off with your regular face wash and water.
When applying the Fiber to your bottom Lashes, if at any time you have difficulty, put a teaspoon under the Lashes. This lifts them up and allows you to freely coat the Lashes without leaving any black residue on the skin.when your done with your application remove the teaspoon.
You can purchase your 3D Fiber Lashes and Mascara online at for only R340. Have you tried this product out? Did you get the results you hopped for like I did? I would like to hear your thoughts on the comment section below.


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Odette Gomes



A complete luxury aesthetics, creates an environment  of beauty, sophistication and elegance when it comes to Odette Gomes designs. I love how the elements of her designs align together. That to me speaks more volume than anything else.

Her breathtaking designs resonate so much with me, that’s why I contacted her to do a collaboration which I was ecstatic when she accepted. Her designs are highlighted by detailed and rich embroidery, which makes her distinctive from the other designers.

Each outfit is quoted based upon how much time she spent on making it, the hours put in it and the material she used for that specific garment, the prices are on request. All the outfits are dry cleanable, which makes it easier for the buyer to not have to worry about how to clean them.

-The red evening dress is made of lace on the top part, covered in delicate Swarovski beads and the bottom part soft silk satin.

-The embelished black jumpsuit is finished off with mesh border on top, and its encrusted with crystals for finer details.
-The black evening gown is made of lace, also encrusted with Swarovski crystals, as well as the belt and hot pants underneath and a tulle overlay.

-The red jumpsuit is made of a soft, stretchy material, which is also very flowy giving your legs a lot of movement.

You can find Odette on @odettegomesza on Instagram and on to have a look at her stunning work.

The pictures were taken by the talented Pierre Van Rooyen. You can have a look at his work on

What do you think of this garments? Would you wear them? Please comment on the section below, I would like to hear your thoughts.

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Sommer Swim Collaboration

A brand that epitomizes sophistication, elegance , sexiness and boldness comes to mind when I think about Sommer Swim. As a lover of swim wear, I am blown away by the brand’s preeminent quality. I was overjoyed when the owner, Anna-Maria agreed to do a collaboration as I saw myself in her brand.

Sommer Swim has flattering cuts and impeccable detail, that give prominence to the body. Every girl in her swimwear is sure to turn heads and feel like a million dollars. I like how the designs are suitable for any body type. I got the previlage of wearing the GISELE top, the cups can be adjusted to your desired coverage, and also has a very soft nylon material that feels amazing on the skin.

I also tried out the IMAN Bottoms, that have a Brazilian cut, meaning minimum coverage which is what I love about them. I also like how Versatile the strings are, which allows you to wear it low waist or high waist. The material is also very soft to the body. I am obsessed with this brand.
You can find them on Instagram @sommer.swim or visit their website . Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook
I would like to hear your thoughts below.

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The best mask to remove blackheads

The best mask to remove blackheads


Finally after trying out hundreds of facial masks to remove blackheads without succeeding, Pilaten created a mask that really does work called Blackhead Pore Strip. Man am I excited to have tried this mask out!! I have been seeing people from overseas using this mask and saying it works, but I wanted to prove for myself.
Not only is it easy to apply and dry, the mask is very effective and dries quick, I applied it before brushing my teeth and by the time I was done it was dry. As a busy person, my skincare regime needs to be quick, I don’t have time to waste haha.
I find it so cool that after it sets, it turns into a rubbery thing, that is really cool to peel off. Beware though, if you have a bit or a lot of facial hair, you will get a facial wax also haha.
.Heat/steam face to open pores. I used a hot towel which I microwaved
.After steaming, pat the skin dry, DO NOT RUB dry, it can cause the pores to close again.
.Apply a medium layer to face, leaving a fairly heavy edge to allow easier peeling.
.Allow to dry for 15-20 minutes.
.Once it has dried, peel it off to take out the blackheads.
You can find it on
Have you tried this mask? Did it work for you? I would like you to share your thoughts with me on the comment section below.
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