I have found some amazing Clarins products, that I have been using since last month, and I must say I’m LOVING them, it’s safe to say June was a lucky month! Just so we are clear, this is not an AD or a sponsored post. I am not getting paid to review this products. My opinions are purely based on me loving the products.

My skin and body have been under a lot of stress lately, none stop blackheads and me popping them because I find it therapeutic, (haha weird I know) but this causes a lot of black spots which I have been struggling to find the right product for. My skin on the other hand gets extremely dry in winter, and I’ve been trying lots of expensive products with no luck. I finally decided to try this products and I must say I’m seeing great results.

Ok first up- BRIGHT PLUS Brightening Day Lotion SPF 20 a brightening day lotion with key ingredients like Sea Lily Extract and Alchemilla extracts to help correct dark spots and an un even skin tone. This lotion is very light weight, so it won’t feel heavy on your skin. I like the fact that it contains SPF in it, we all know we need protection from the harmful sun rays.
Price: R775 (75ml)

BRIGHT PLUS Tri- Intense Brightening Serum helps reduce the appearance of dark spots for an even complexion. It also brightens the appearance of your complexion, it has acerola extract that helps in giving the skin a healthy glow. I use the serum twice a day, before applying my day and night cream, you only have to use a little bit, so it lasts you long.
Price: R710 (30ml)

BRIGHT PLUS Night Cream minimizes dark spots and skin discoloration for a radiant even complexion. It has vitamin c that helps contour the effect of daytime stress. It is nourishing and also hydrating. It’s a light cream that makes it easier to apply and does not leave your skin feeling greasy.
Price: R700 (50ml)

Multi- Active Eye if you have hectic and stressful days, and sleep late like me, you MUST own this eye gel. It keeps the eyes looking younger and fresher by minimizing fine lines, and signs of fatigue. It reduces dark circles and puffiness. It has a cold cryogenic-metallic application tip, that assist in drainage so the eyes appear luminous and more youthful. I go everywhere with this eye gel as the results are instant and effective.Price: R495

Brightening Body Veil SPF 20 I absolutely LOVE this cream, it’s thick in texture, yet as soon as you apply it, it moulds into your skin. It has shimmer of a in it, which gives your skin a healthy glow and also smells divine. The skin feels smoother, softer and radiant after using it. The SPF in it helps protect your skin from the harmful sun.
Price: R460 (200ml)

Are you a Clarins fan? If so what are your favorite products? Please comment on the section below. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @mapolo.style and Facebook @mapolo.style.

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Brinea 3D Fiber Lashes Review


EYELASH EXTENSIONS IN A BOTTLE’ is the slogan of the 3D Fiber Lashes. I was one of the lucky bloggers chosen to review this product. I have little to no natural Lashes and I’m constantly trying out mascaras with no luck, I’m also not a fan of fake lashes, reason being I don’t know how to put them on, and that anything foreign on my Lashes irritates my eyes.

BEFORE PICTURE ( without 3D Lash mascara)

3D Fiber Lash is formulated to give volume and enhance length to your natural Lashes, this is why it’s a good product for people who do not have long or thick Lashes. It is very easy to apply, as it’s the same application as a mascara. You can choose whether you want a natural look or a dramatic look, depending on how many applications you put.

AFTER PICTURE (with 3D Lash mascara)

It is safe enough to use daily, and one of the key ingredients are 100% natural bee wax and green tea Fiber. The application is only 5 mins and it lasts up to 16 hours, waterproof and smudge-fee. It sounds too good to be true right? I was shocked at the results, I never thought my Lashes could be so full and long.
There are two bottles in the box, the transplanting gel and the 3D fibers, I love how sleek and fancy the bottles look.

• Ensure your eyelashes are clean, dry from any mascara.
• Work with one eye at a time to get best results.
• First application, should be of the transplanting gel. Apply the gel from mid to tips of your Lashes.
VERY important to apply fibers while the gel is still wet to avoid clumps, apply fibers from mid to tips of your Lashes.
• Seal the fibers with another application of the transplanting gel.
• Wait a couple of minutes for the gel to dry.
If you desire a more dramatic look like me, you apply another layer and repeat steps 2-6. Removal is very easy, wash off with your regular face wash and water.
When applying the Fiber to your bottom Lashes, if at any time you have difficulty, put a teaspoon under the Lashes. This lifts them up and allows you to freely coat the Lashes without leaving any black residue on the skin.when your done with your application remove the teaspoon.
You can purchase your 3D Fiber Lashes and Mascara online at www.brinea.co.za for only R340. Have you tried this product out? Did you get the results you hopped for like I did? I would like to hear your thoughts on the comment section below.


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The best mask to remove blackheads

The best mask to remove blackheads


Finally after trying out hundreds of facial masks to remove blackheads without succeeding, Pilaten created a mask that really does work called Blackhead Pore Strip. Man am I excited to have tried this mask out!! I have been seeing people from overseas using this mask and saying it works, but I wanted to prove for myself.
Not only is it easy to apply and dry, the mask is very effective and dries quick, I applied it before brushing my teeth and by the time I was done it was dry. As a busy person, my skincare regime needs to be quick, I don’t have time to waste haha.
I find it so cool that after it sets, it turns into a rubbery thing, that is really cool to peel off. Beware though, if you have a bit or a lot of facial hair, you will get a facial wax also haha.
.Heat/steam face to open pores. I used a hot towel which I microwaved
.After steaming, pat the skin dry, DO NOT RUB dry, it can cause the pores to close again.
.Apply a medium layer to face, leaving a fairly heavy edge to allow easier peeling.
.Allow to dry for 15-20 minutes.
.Once it has dried, peel it off to take out the blackheads.
You can find it on http://rubybox.co.za/beauty-reviews/pilaten-face-mask
Have you tried this mask? Did it work for you? I would like you to share your thoughts with me on the comment section below.
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Beaucience Natural Skincare

Formulated to tackle the signs of skin aging using natural ingredients, Beaucience skincare range is a must try range if you want to have a healthy looking skin, without having to spend a fortune. Beaucience is a proudly South African range that uses organic ingredients, so you are guaranteed that you are not using any chemicals on your skin.

I got the privilege of receiving three of their products, which I will mention below. I have a severely dry skin and it’s difficult for me to stick to one brand, as I never get good results. Let me just say, it’s been three weeks now using this range, and I’m blown away by how good my skin is reacting to them.

.Hydrating Cleansing Gel
This gel contains green tea ( anti-aging effect), witch hazel extract (good for blemishes) and Proteasyl PW in them, I like the consistency of it and the user friendly pump action bottle.

.Hydrating Toning Lotion
It contains aloe vera (anti-inflammatory), organic certified extract and essential oils as some key ingredients. It is very refreshing on the skin and smells really good. I also realized that it removes dirt on the skin effectively.

.Moisture Plus Cream
I love the fact that it has no artificial colourants and contains only natural ingredients it also has no parabens in the product, which we know causes cancer. I use this moisturizer twice a day to get better results.

The key ingredient in all their products is PROTEASYL. This ingredient works naturally with the skin, increasing cell metabolism, producing a younger looking skin.
I’m giving this products a thumps up, as it is cost effective, environmentally friendly and also giving my skin the hydration it needs.

You can check out their Instagram page on @beaucience if you want to know more about their range, or want to find out how to purchase their products.

Have you heard of this range before? Or perhaps you are using their products? Please share your views on the comment section below. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @mapolo.style and Facebook Mapolo.style.

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GIVEAWAY: Clarins Make up

Although holidays are long gone, we thought it would be great to find ways to put a smile on your face, and thank you for the support you have given MAPOLO.STYLE the past 5 months. I have partnered up with Clarins South Africa to give away make up, to the value of R2035 each, to not only one but TWO lucky readers and followers.


  • Perfect Eyes and Brows Palette R495.
  • Double Fix Mascara R275.
  • Ombre Matte Eyeshadow In Cobalt Blue R320.
  • Fix Make-up Spray R355.
  • Instant Lip Oil In Honey R295.
  • Instant Lip Oil In Honey R295.


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Competition open to only South African citizens.
The two winners will be announced on the 31st March 2017.


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Is Afriderm the answer to dark skin problems?

untitled-design-1-1Imagine how ecstatic I was to finally find products specifically formulated for dark skin, that do actually work!! If you have been struggling to find the right products for your skin, this post is definitely for you. The moment I saw the name Afriderm, I knew I had to try their products out 🙂

Afriderm is an exclusive dark skin care range, designed to reveal and heighten the perfect beauty of dark skin. Their products are locally produced in Capetown South Africa. The fact that their products are at a reasonable price, made the brand more appealing to me. I mean just because products are exorbitantly high, does not necessarily mean they are good right? I’m going to review two of the products I received from them below.



I have been experiencing extremely dry and ashy skin since I came back from Europe, I have tried almost every product on the shelves until I heard about this body exfoliator. I use it twice a week, concentrating more on the dry and cellulite prone areas. It has ingredients like avocado oil, sesame oil, and sweet almond oil just to name a few, leaving your skin feeling soft, hydrated, smooth and nourished.

NB: This product is PARABEN FREE!! For some of you who don’t know what this means, here is a quick explanation 🙂 Parabens are preservatives in cosmetics and personal care products, that make products last longer and they can be harmful to the skin.

DAY CREAM|SPF 20: R159 (60ml)


This cream is good for moisture and hydration. Herbal oils, argan oil, evening primrose oil and Shea butter are some of the key ingredients. If you have ashy-looking skin, dark spots and blemishes this is the cream to use. It also has built in SPF 20 sun protection with vitamin E and anti wrinkle properties. This cream is suitable for all dark skin tones.

You can find this products and the rest of their range on www.afriderm.co.za or at selected Edgar’s stores.

I would love to hear about the products you use for dark skin or if you use Afriderm skincare range.

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Clarins Make up


With a feminine and extravagant color scheme, yet very bold packaging, Clarins make up range is simply for a woman who takes pride in how she looks, and wants to make a statement wherever she goes. The gold packaging illuminates and enhances the range to give it a warm, sophisticated and eye catching effect.

I got the pleasure to receive some products from them and I’m beyond ECSTATIC!! For a first time user of their make up, I’m blown away!! Below are some of the products i recieved, the rest will be reviewed later :))

1) Fix’ makeup (long lasting make up hold)
Perfect timing to receive this product in spring!! This refreshing feather light mist helps with setting your make up, my make up turns to get shiny during the course of the day when rushing from one casting to another, iv been using this mist for a couple of days and goodbye shininess!! It has yummy ingredients like organic rose water, grapefruit (for the amazing smell) and aloe Vera (soothing).
TIP: I use it before and after applying makeup, I realized it makes my make up last longer


2) Kit Sourcils “Pro”
OMG!!! This is my life saver, since using this kit my eyebrows are PERFECT, this kit comes with the most cutest twizzer, brow brush and eyeshadow brush, the perfect color eyeshadow and a TUTORIAL GUIDE to help you achieve the perfect brow shape, I mean HELLO?!


3) Mascara Supra Volume
If you want fuller, enhanced lashes, THIS is the product to use, this mascara is brand you and just got launched, the thin and long brush makes it easy to cover all your lashes, the Cassie flower wax in it helps to care for your lashes and prevent them from shedding.
TIP: Use it continuously for 4 weeks to get amazing result.


4) Ombré Matte Eyeshadow (cobalt blue & sparkle grey)
These-cream-to-powder matte eyeshadows light up your look by elegantly enhancing your eyes, they are easy to apply and long lasting. I gently dab with my finger as a 1st application, then use an eyeshadow brush after. I don’t know if it’s just me but, I find it lasts longer applying with a finger first..LOL!!


5) 09 Crayon Khol
I normally stick to black when it comes to my eyeliner, but this green liner made me change my mind 🙂 if you want to try something different, this is the perfect color to try, its super soft and the color lasts long it comes with a brush to help blend in the color.


I would love to hear from you regarding your favorite Clarins make up, and any other tips you may want to share!!

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My natural hair giveaway


A few days ago I had an exciting shoot with my natural Hair, where we shot for a tv commercial, editorial and YouTube vlog. My natural Hair is a proudly South African product that caters for natural hair. If you are anything like me and prefer wearing your hair natural, YOU KNOW THE STRUGGLE!!

Finding products that leave your hair soft, manageable and moisturized is not easy!! I have found a range that You will love as much as I do, not only do their products smell HEAVENLY, they have natural oil ingredients that your hair definitely need, Shea butter, jojoba oil and coconut oil just to name a few.


The range has 4 products in them: nourishing shampoo, hydrating conditioner, strengthening oil and moisturizing butter. All products are free from sulphates, parabens, mineral oils, petroleum and phthalates.(all this ingredients are the DEATH of your natural hair, as they strip your hair off essential oils, dry your scalp and grease your hair)

I teamed up with them to giveaway a hamper to one of my readers, yeap its FREEBIE time :)) all you have to do is, make sure you follow @ma_polo and @_mynatural_hair on Instagram and comment below on why you deserve to win, it’s that simple. The winner will be announced on Friday. Competition open to SA citizens only.

Good Luck!
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Dear Fashion and Lifestyle Lover

The reason for creating this blog is to share with you my greatest loves, things that give me great excitement, joy and happiness!! (FASHION, BEAUTY and TRAVELING)

The goal of this blog is to share with you what I’m currently obsessing over, mostly the outfits I wear that Inspire me, and hope will inspire you too and products I use and places I have traveled to. I would also like to share a few tips and collaborations that I’m/will be involved in. I will also review some products and do some giveaways, which I know you guys will absolutely love, I mean who doesn’t like freebies?! Haha

I hope you enjoy every post, and that you engage with the blog as much as you want to.

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