How to Stay Motivated to Go to Gym

I have been getting a lot of questions about how I get motivated to work out. Well the answer is simple really, I got tired of envying people’s bodies, yet I knew I had the same capabilities of having an even better body than theirs, don’t get me wrong, I have a few Instagram idols that motivate me.

I will share with you below a few tricks that motivate me to wake up every morning before I start working, and walk to them gym. I am lucky that gym is just few minutes walk from my place. I prefer walking because it’s the only time I get to think in peace, and plan my day. It’s also a mini work out on its own. Ok here goes..

Mental Check- Have a mental picture or a picture on your phone of what you want your body to look like. You have to be precise so you know what type of exercises to do to achieve the body you desire. Take before and after pictures, I have pictures of what I used to look like before I started gym, and what I look like now, trust me the changes are immense and this motivates me to push harder each day. If you have an idol that has a body type like yours, perfect, visualize you having their body.

Motivation- You have to be patient yet persistent and consistent, remember Rome was not build in one day  nothing motivates me like sore muscles the following day, being unable to get out of bed, this encourages me more as I know my work out was effective, and also the more you see changes on your body, the more you are motivated to keep at it.

Encouragement- Go to a gym that offers a lot of activities, choose activities that you love, for me I do zumba, shape, weight training and yoga. I get excited every morning because I do different work outs, I hate routine as it is boring, this makes gym seem like a chore, instead of a fun adventure. I get to socialize with like minded people, with the same goals as mine which makes it even better.

Gym buddy- having a gym buddy is a great motivator, because he/she makes you feel obliged to attend, and can push you to go to gym even on days that you don’t feel like going. Make sure you get a gym buddy that is reliable and as dedicated as you. I have a gym buddy that loves weight training, which I don’t like but have to do as I’m trying to build muscle, she really pushes me on days that I decide to hit the machines.

Diet- I have a sweet tooth and it’s my down fall, I try an eat clean and healthy 6 times a week and drink plenty of water daily, so I can have a cheat day where I can sneak in a bar or two of chocolate or a slice of cake or that glass of wine that I love very much haha. My sweet tooth pushes me to work out very hard, so I can award myself at the end of the week. ( every ones preferences are different)

Outfit Details

-Bra (Cottonon)

-Leggings (MOVEPRETTY)

I hope this helped you, remember it’s a journey, small progress is better than no progress at all. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Do you go to gym? Please share your motivation tips on the comment section below. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook

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An athleisure brand that symbolizes luxury, comfort, versatility and sheer beauty. Move Pretty is a Stellenbosch based brand that creates sports wear that makes you want to go and work out.

I had the privilege of doing a shoot with them a few weeks ago and I fell Inlove with their brand even more.I love how modern their clothing is, their sports wear can be worn for sports activities and also as a daily outfit, their clothing is not restricting you to wear it for one purpose, which I find really cool.

The quality of their leggings moulds into your body, giving the illusion that you have a toned body, even when you do not. You can wear their leggings when you run errands, going to the gym, hiking, jogging or joining a friend for coffee or lunch.

Lately I’m obsessed with brands that are innovative, that come up with designs that allow you to wear multiple ways, as this saves a lot of money for the consumer.

Their sweaters and tops can be dressed up with anything, leggings, jeans, pants and shorts, also they are not restricting you to wear them for sports or gym purposes only. They are extremely comfortable and the quality is really good, so you are sure to wear them for many more years to come.

How to care for their clothing
• Cold wash machine.
• Do not wring.
• Do not iron.
• Do not use fabric softer.
• You can steam them/ flat dry.

What are your favorite sports wear brand? Please share your comments below. You can follow them on Instagram @movepretty, Facebook @movepretty.

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I have come to the realization that money problems and money success, are based on your behavior towards it, with that being said, I have been with Capitec bank for the past 8 years, and my loyalty with them will last for a very long time, their charges are extremely low and I always earn interest on my money on a monthly basis. I have a card that has 2 linked accounts on it, this allows me to save money easily through my app, without going to the bank. (Convenience at its best)

There are 3 online stores that I always buy from

Catwalk Connections, they have the most fashionable and stylish good quality clothes.

Cotton on I absolutely love their gym wear, it’s trendy and It fits perfect on my body.

Plumeria swimwear I love how sexy and different their bikinis are.

(All this online stores have one thing in common..affordability.)
As a fashion lover I’m constantly shopping, BUT in a smart way, now you will wonder how I do that…. I only buy online, through sales and off season. In general, buying off season usually gets you better deals than buying what’s hot and trendy right now, price wise.
One of my best strategies is keeping my closet with clothes that match, and when I find a piece of clothing I like and looks good on me, I buy multiples of it but in different colors.

So remember, always shop smart, no need to bankrupt yourself:) I would like to hear your thoughts below, are you a smart shopper?

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THE 41 RESTAURANT – Opening in Camps Bay


Situated on the busy Victoria road overlooking the ocean, The 41 Restaurant is located at a prime location. The architecture and surroundings provided the best art of all. It’s large windows framed an epic view of the Camps bay beach.

Fashionistas and bloggers showed up in numbers for the amazing launch, that was for sure the talk of the town, for many more weeks to come.



Conversations were flowing over crispy cold glasses of Maison Mumm South Africa Champagne, accompanied by mouth watering tapas that were pleasing to the eye!! My favorite was the black bun burger, the tastiest and juiciest burger I have tasted in a while. I made sure I had more than one 🙂



The weather was amazing so everyone was dressed to impress!! Ard Matthews entertained us with great tunes that got everyone to the dance floor, and ready to dance the night away.



The 41 Restaurant is definitely the new IT place this summer, after a successful launch they had! Rest assured I will be back there again for sundowners with friends.

Thank you to The Little Black Book for inviting me to this prestigious launch, I was more than honored to attend 🙂

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