Elegantly chic


An intangible quality makes this dress distinctive and attractive, the frills create the illusion of lace floating on the skin. The style of this dress is enduring yet timeless…it is the perfect dress to wear at any occasion, and be sure to turn heads :))

I like how breathable it is (which qualifies it as the perfect summer dress) the soft lace makes it comfortable on your skin and easy to wear. I love wearing clothes that make me feel confident, elegant and chic, this dress is definitely the one!!


I would love to hear your thoughts about this dress and how you would style it, who knows next time I wear it, I might use your ideas :))

Love Mapolo

Dress: catwalk_connection
Shoes: publicdesire
Photographer: zeephotography1
Venue: thevueskybarlounge

4 thoughts on “Elegantly chic”

  1. I love love this dress for this coming summer.. I have simple taste so for me I would dress it down with a pair of sandals and a bikini for a pool party or a lunch by the beach 😍😍 it’s a must have this summer no doubt..xx

    1. Hi Bella I definitely agree with you,its a versatile dress so u can dress it up or dress it down,it would look gorgeous both ways ❤😙

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