How to rock red high waisted pants

I don’t know about you, but color has a huge impact on my emotions and physical well being. Lately I find myself going for the more brighter pieces, maybe because it’s summer, and Christmas is around the corner my mood is more vibrant than ever lol.

Today I felt like showing off my personality and mood by wearing my favorite pair of red pants, pairing them up with a desirable silk floral kimono, and a pale pink body suit. It’s safe to say, I was feeling very confident and rather powerful to say the least.

This pants are perfect for summer, as they are made of a thin and breathable cotton material. The fact that they are high waisted, gives the illusion that one has long legs. They are tight fitting on the bum area and loose fitting from the thighs downwards, a timeless yet classic look. I like how versatile they are, as I can wear them with high heels, sandals or even sneakers.

The kimono gave a very elegant and sophisticated touch to the outfit, which was the look I was going for. The floral prints brought more energy and vibrancy to the look.

Outfit details
Red pants: Zara
Bodysuit: Zara
Kimono: Zaful

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