I have come to the realization that money problems and money success, are based on your behavior towards it, with that being said, I have been with Capitec bank for the past 8 years, and my loyalty with them will last for a very long time, their charges are extremely low and I always earn interest on my money on a monthly basis. I have a card that has 2 linked accounts on it, this allows me to save money easily through my app, without going to the bank. (Convenience at its best)

There are 3 online stores that I always buy from

Catwalk Connections, they have the most fashionable and stylish good quality clothes.

Cotton on I absolutely love their gym wear, it’s trendy and It fits perfect on my body.

Plumeria swimwear I love how sexy and different their bikinis are.

(All this online stores have one thing in common..affordability.)
As a fashion lover I’m constantly shopping, BUT in a smart way, now you will wonder how I do that…. I only buy online, through sales and off season. In general, buying off season usually gets you better deals than buying what’s hot and trendy right now, price wise.
One of my best strategies is keeping my closet with clothes that match, and when I find a piece of clothing I like and looks good on me, I buy multiples of it but in different colors.

So remember, always shop smart, no need to bankrupt yourself:) I would like to hear your thoughts below, are you a smart shopper?

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Love Mapolo


  1. Girl you are just way too fab. That swimsuit is gorgeous, I never heard of Plumeria swimwear before thanks for the tip!

    I’m the same way, when I find something I really love, I buy it in every color. Then I call it my “uniform”. Hey if it looks great why not?

    I would like to think of myself as a smart shopper, I search for coupon codes before making any purchases that helps me to save money. πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Deanna, thank you, I’m so glad I’m not the only one that buys the same things in different colors haha, also you can dress them up differently and no one will know its the same thing,(smart shopping) I should try coupons though, haven’t used them before, thanks for the tip xx

  2. Hi. It is very convenient to shop online. About the Capitec Accounts, what kind of accounts are they? Can you also use the Capitec credit card? It would be interesting to get the link to the bank’ website here for more information. Nice outfits.

    1. Thank you Hlonz Capitec only has one account, which is Savings/ debit card, but the good thing is you can link two accounts on one card, which is pretty cool because it makes saving very easy. No they don’t have credit cards, hopefully they will soon, I use my debit card when I’m in Europe, they have very low charges.

  3. I also wait til the end of the season to shop online. Clothes are so much cheaper then, and I’m able to buy a lot more than when they are full price.

  4. Let’s talk about the capitec app for a second how easy and convenient? I must say I love everything about capitec I’ve been with all the banks in South Africa but I believe this one is definitely for the people and the fact that I earn interest every month😘😘 I wish more people knew about all these advantages well done on the write up.

    1. Hi Nella I KNOW hei!! I have been banking with them for 8 years now and I’m still happy with them, and earning interest every month is just a cherry on top haha. Their app is amazing and easy to use and convenient, big ups to them πŸ™‚ xx

  5. Great tips Mapolo! What an effortless way to shop… and being a capitec client myself i know how easy it is to use the app! So user friendly… I love cotton on, and knowing i can shop online now is awesome! X

    1. Hi Bernice, thank you πŸ™‚ yes you can definitely visit them online instead of going to the store, very convenient and easy, just like the Capitec app haha xx

    1. Hi Nancy it is to die for, its one of my favorite dresses, please go check out their website they have really beautiful clothes xx

  6. I love your tips! I used to have an FNB card because I loved their ebucks program – I actually saved all my ebucks and bought all my christmas presents online using the points I had collected! Now that I am in Dublin, I find sites that offer free delivery, or discounts when you sign up are another great way to save money.

    1. Hi Megan Glad you like the tips πŸ™‚ I used to bank with FNB but their charges were a lot, and using their card internationally was also expensive, but I’m glad you benefited from their ebucks hope Dublin is treating you good xx

  7. Thanks for the tip. I miss Capitec bank so much, any money kept with them would automatically get interest back and their charges were so low unfortunately I can’t have a bank account with them now due to unavoidable issues.
    Of the stores , cotton on is my favorite but will check out the other stores.

    1. Hi Patricia so sorry that you can’t bank with them anymore, but at least you do know its a great bank lol. Cotton on is great xx

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