An athleisure brand that symbolizes luxury, comfort, versatility and sheer beauty. Move Pretty is a Stellenbosch based brand that creates sports wear that makes you want to go and work out.

I had the privilege of doing a shoot with them a few weeks ago and I fell Inlove with their brand even more.I love how modern their clothing is, their sports wear can be worn for sports activities and also as a daily outfit, their clothing is not restricting you to wear it for one purpose, which I find really cool.

The quality of their leggings moulds into your body, giving the illusion that you have a toned body, even when you do not. You can wear their leggings when you run errands, going to the gym, hiking, jogging or joining a friend for coffee or lunch.

Lately I’m obsessed with brands that are innovative, that come up with designs that allow you to wear multiple ways, as this saves a lot of money for the consumer.

Their sweaters and tops can be dressed up with anything, leggings, jeans, pants and shorts, also they are not restricting you to wear them for sports or gym purposes only. They are extremely comfortable and the quality is really good, so you are sure to wear them for many more years to come.

How to care for their clothing
• Cold wash machine.
• Do not wring.
• Do not iron.
• Do not use fabric softer.
• You can steam them/ flat dry.

What are your favorite sports wear brand? Please share your comments below. You can follow them on Instagram @movepretty, Facebook @movepretty.

Love Mapolo

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  1. Oh I loved all the wonderful advice on the sports-wear care! Thanks! Lately I’ve been loving the yoga leggings from Calvin Klein and I also shop a lot at VS’s Pink. 🙂

    1. Hi Liza, I’m glad I could help:) aah I didn’t know Calvin Klein does gym wear also I should check them out, I’m obsessed with gym leggings lately haha.

  2. I love all the pieces you got to shoot in, they look amazing on you! The second one’s my favourite – I’m in love with those leg warmers, such a lovely colour and they look incredibly soft! I love Sundried (they make pieces in a low carbon process) and Nike mainly but I’m always happy to try new brands! x

    1. Hi Tereza thank you:) yes their leg warmers are great and very warm for these cold winter days. Iv never heard of Sun dried, I will Google and check them out 🙂

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