The best mask to remove blackheads

The best mask to remove blackheads


Finally after trying out hundreds of facial masks to remove blackheads without succeeding, Pilaten created a mask that really does work called Blackhead Pore Strip. Man am I excited to have tried this mask out!! I have been seeing people from overseas using this mask and saying it works, but I wanted to prove for myself.
Not only is it easy to apply and dry, the mask is very effective and dries quick, I applied it before brushing my teeth and by the time I was done it was dry. As a busy person, my skincare regime needs to be quick, I don’t have time to waste haha.
I find it so cool that after it sets, it turns into a rubbery thing, that is really cool to peel off. Beware though, if you have a bit or a lot of facial hair, you will get a facial wax also haha.
.Heat/steam face to open pores. I used a hot towel which I microwaved
.After steaming, pat the skin dry, DO NOT RUB dry, it can cause the pores to close again.
.Apply a medium layer to face, leaving a fairly heavy edge to allow easier peeling.
.Allow to dry for 15-20 minutes.
.Once it has dried, peel it off to take out the blackheads.
You can find it on
Have you tried this mask? Did it work for you? I would like you to share your thoughts with me on the comment section below.
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