I have found some amazing Clarins products, that I have been using since last month, and I must say I’m LOVING them, it’s safe to say June was a lucky month! Just so we are clear, this is not an AD or a sponsored post. I am not getting paid to review this products. My opinions are purely based on me loving the products.

My skin and body have been under a lot of stress lately, none stop blackheads and me popping them because I find it therapeutic, (haha weird I know) but this causes a lot of black spots which I have been struggling to find the right product for. My skin on the other hand gets extremely dry in winter, and I’ve been trying lots of expensive products with no luck. I finally decided to try this products and I must say I’m seeing great results.

Ok first up- BRIGHT PLUS Brightening Day Lotion SPF 20 a brightening day lotion with key ingredients like Sea Lily Extract and Alchemilla extracts to help correct dark spots and an un even skin tone. This lotion is very light weight, so it won’t feel heavy on your skin. I like the fact that it contains SPF in it, we all know we need protection from the harmful sun rays.
Price: R775 (75ml)

BRIGHT PLUS Tri- Intense Brightening Serum helps reduce the appearance of dark spots for an even complexion. It also brightens the appearance of your complexion, it has acerola extract that helps in giving the skin a healthy glow. I use the serum twice a day, before applying my day and night cream, you only have to use a little bit, so it lasts you long.
Price: R710 (30ml)

BRIGHT PLUS Night Cream minimizes dark spots and skin discoloration for a radiant even complexion. It has vitamin c that helps contour the effect of daytime stress. It is nourishing and also hydrating. It’s a light cream that makes it easier to apply and does not leave your skin feeling greasy.
Price: R700 (50ml)

Multi- Active Eye if you have hectic and stressful days, and sleep late like me, you MUST own this eye gel. It keeps the eyes looking younger and fresher by minimizing fine lines, and signs of fatigue. It reduces dark circles and puffiness. It has a cold cryogenic-metallic application tip, that assist in drainage so the eyes appear luminous and more youthful. I go everywhere with this eye gel as the results are instant and effective.Price: R495

Brightening Body Veil SPF 20 I absolutely LOVE this cream, it’s thick in texture, yet as soon as you apply it, it moulds into your skin. It has shimmer of a in it, which gives your skin a healthy glow and also smells divine. The skin feels smoother, softer and radiant after using it. The SPF in it helps protect your skin from the harmful sun.
Price: R460 (200ml)

Are you a Clarins fan? If so what are your favorite products? Please comment on the section below. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @mapolo.style and Facebook @mapolo.style.

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  1. I LOVE Clarins. I haven’t tried any of the products you mentioned actually. But I will definitely pick up that night cream the next time I’m in the shop!

    1. Its a great brand, absolutely love it, their products works, and yes you should try the night cream 🙂

  2. Hi Renita it is a French brand, a very good one, you should check them out, you will love them 🙂

  3. Great presentation dear! I used to love Clarins products, they were so good for my skin. This bright collection looks so promising, i would love to try it.

  4. Hi Helene. The brightening range is really good, you should give it a try, if you have a problem skin 🙂

  5. I have never tried Clarins before, but I feel I should try the serum. I don’t know if it’s stress-related but I’ve been breaking out lately, which is something I hadn’t experience since I was 12 years old.

    1. Hi Cynthia me too hey, it could be stress, yes you should try the serum it will help a lot 🙂 Goodluck

    1. It is, most products don’t have a range that specifically targets dark spots, if they do, they normally don’t work 🙂

  6. I’m a massive Clarins fan but normally use the blue Hydra range, their make-up and tanning products. And I’m obsessed with their sunshine perfume! They’re discontinuing it and I’m absolutely gutted.

  7. Hi Tereza ooh no that’s not good, iv never heard of the sunshine perfume pity they are discontinuing it before I could try it.

  8. I love your presentation. I definitely wannabe try these products especially the multi-Active eye cream

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